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Always wear eye and ear protection on the firing line.


Allowable ammo is limited to #7.5 - 8.0 shot, 2.75 - 3.0 dram equivalent.


Never move with a loaded firearm.  Always carry your gun so others can see that is unloaded and the action is open.


Load your firearm at your station only.


Load only one shell at a time for trap; two shells for continental, doubles and sporting clays.


Never close your gun or action until it is your turn to shoot.


Shoot only from designated areas and positions.


On the firing line always keep you gun pointed forward and down.


Never point your gun toward the trap house when an orange cone is up or when anyone is downfield.


Never shoot at birds that have been called by other shooters.


Always check closely after any malfunction of your gun or load, especially for a wad that might be stuck in the barrel.


Never engage in horseplay around the shooting line.


Without the express permission of the range officer, no non-shooters are allowed on the firing line.


Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on the firing line.  No shooting is permitted if you have been drinking.


Be courteous to your fellow shooters. Violators of this rule may be asked to leave the premises and be subject to  having their membership revoked.

Protect yourself and the club; report any unsafe activities immediately to the range officer.



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